Welcome to our Society, these are our aims

We would like to promote art and culture in Weimar by supporting the town’s museums and art collections. Of key significance to us is the development of art and design and our focus is on Bauhaus and Modernism. The gallery shows the broad spectrum covered by our purchases.

Our Society has been the venue for meetings of art enthusiasts since 1995. It is our aim to provide financial and moral backing for the art collections of the Klassik Stiftung Weimar. We do this by acquiring artworks that have been either donated or loaned on a permanent basis to the Klassik Stiftung. Since the Society was set up we have made possible the purchase of paintings, drawings, objects and assorted photographs to the value of approx. 2 million €. Outlay on acquisitions to date can be viewed in our list.

Since its foundation the Society has launched a series of ground-breaking initiatives, which included its early involvement in the conversion of Weimar Palace into a modern museum dedicated to art and life at the court. To this can be added the funding provided by the Society for the refurbishment and remodelling of the Neues Museum, in particular the Paul Maenz Collection.

Our current priority is the backing we are giving to the new Bauhaus Museum, scheduled to open in Weimar in 2015. Not long after its creation the Society had already identified its primary mission – to support the efforts being made to set up a new Bauhaus museum in Weimar. In the late 1990s the Society concluded in a feasibility study that a new Bauhaus museum should be constructed as a matter of urgency, a museum that could show off the growing number of Bauhaus works in an appropriate setting and one that was attractive to the museum-going public. This remains the Society’s No. 1 objective. It sees itself as a framework for all those who feel an affinity to Weimar and to the Bauhaus school and Modernism.

Thank you for the interest you have shown in our work and our objectives.


Sa, 20. Oktober 2012

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Karl Beucke Stellv. Vorsitzender im Förderverein Bauhaus.Weimar.Moderne Die Kunstfreunde e. V. - Ergänzungswahl zum Vorstand

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Karl Beucke, der Rektor der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, wurde heute von der Mitgliederversammlung zum weiteren stellvertr. Vorsitzenden in unserem Verein gewählt. Die Mitglieder wollen mit der einstimmigen Wahl den engen Zusammenhang zwischen der Präsentation der einmaligen Bauhaus-Sammlung Weimars im neuen Bauhaus-Museum einerseits und der notwendigen Zukunftsorientierung, die im Bauhausgedanken steckt, andererseits auch durch die personelle Anbindung zur Bauhaus-Universität Weimar zum Ausdruck bringen. “Wir sind dankbar für die Bereitschaft von Prof. Dr. Beucke, durch sein Mitwirken bei uns die Brücke von Bauhaus-Sammlung zu Innovativkraft und Fortschrittswillen zu schlagen.” stellt der Vereinsvorsitzende Stephan Illert fest.

Zur Schriftführerin wurde Frau Babett Gehrmann, seit ihrem Kunstgeschichtsstudium Mitglied im Förderverein, einstimmig gewählt.